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Where Are All The Vendors?

Where Are All The Vendors?

So perhaps you just found our recently launched brand new Gay-Friendly & Gay-Owned Wedding Vendor Directory and now you’re wondering…Where is everyone? Yes well, you see as a new internet start up these things take a little bit of time to populate and for the word to spread about our new site. We are a small staff of a few very diligent people and we are working feverishly to bring you some of the best vendors out there.

In fact, we will be at our first wedding show on Monday at the Wedding MBA in Las Vegas, Nevada. We certainly hope to meet lots of wedding vendors there and we will be getting many of them to sign up on our new site. So be sure to check back in the weeks to come for a huge update on our membership.

We are so excited to see how much Gay-Unions.com is going to grow over the next few weeks and the months to follow. We have lots of exciting additions in store for you. We have a blog writer coming on board, we will be featuring real Gay weddings, the photos from them and the stories behind each big day. We also have a social media content producer in the works and is getting ready to set the web ablaze.

We will also be providing you with resources, referrals, more exciting news in the LGBTQ communities that you will be able to come here and read all about. So be sure to spread the word.

If you are a vendor and you’d love to join our site, please check out our vendor packages or send us an email.

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