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More than 25% of Gay Couples feel Rejected by Wedding Vendors

More than 25% of Gay Couples feel Rejected by Wedding Vendors

You’ve read so much about marriage equality in the news lately yet many wedding vendors just aren’t getting the memo.

Are you aware over 30% of lesbian couples and 10% of gay men feel rejected when trying to find a wedding vendor?

More than 2 years after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality couples are still being discriminated against. This, by the way, is one of our primary driving forces behind Gay-unions.com. We purposefully invite gay-friendly and gay-owned wedding vendors onto our site. This helps make the decision easier, less stressful and more welcoming to you the newlyweds.

The problem many same-sex couples face in today’s search for a vendor is that they all may share the same traditional need for a particular wedding professional but within their needs arises a break in tradition. Perhaps the cake topper needs to be created with two men instead of the traditional bride & groom, that gown fitting might be for two, the DJ might need to adjust his/her traditional grand entrance announcements. Some vendors just don’t want to make this change, and often times for their personal beliefs. Unfortunately, this comes at a cost that you the couple often pay.

This is why many of our same-sex couples are ready and willing to meet with like-minded wedding professionals, who openly and candidly show support of same-sex marriages. The majority of our LGBTQ couples will agree that the vendor they are looking for should indicate clearly that they are gay-friendly or gay-owned. This is why thousands of couples come to Gay-unions.com every month to find the perfect match for their big day.


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