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Celebrating 50 Years of Pride

Google today unveiled a doodle slideshow celebrating 50 years of Pride to take viewers on a five-decade-long journey of Pride history, encompassing the growth and evolution of the international Pride parade.  Google’s doodle slideshow offers a glimpse into the Pride parades from each of the five decades. Fifty years back, in June, New York police […]

Politics as usual in Washington – Clinton vs Kavanaugh

Last Thursday, Christine Blasey Ford recounted many details at the Senate Judiciary Hearing regarding the night Brett Kavanaugh allegedly assaulted her when they were in high school in 1982, Kavanaugh responded with anger, tears, deflection, dissembling, and blame. With conspiracy theories being tossed around that there was some sort of plotted revenge on behalf of […]

Where Are All The Vendors?

So perhaps you just found our recently launched brand new Gay-Friendly & Gay-Owned Wedding Vendor Directory and now you’re wondering…Where is everyone? Yes well, you see as a new internet start up these things take a little bit of time to populate and for the word to spread about our new site. We are a […]